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Album Pre-order: A-Q ‘Blessed Forever’

A-Q Blessed Forever Pre-Order Album Poster - Designed by Edesiri Ukiri

Pre-order A-Q’s upcoming album “Blessed Forever” now and be first to listen to it when it drops!

A-Q Blessed Forever Pre-Order Album Poster - Designed by Edesiri Ukiri


I made this album to show appreciation
To my fam, my fans, my friends,
To anyone out there that feels it’s all about the to end
I pray this album helps you mend
Your broken heart and gives you a fresh start
At some point, I lost almost everything
I lost my father and I had lost 2 brothers
Couldn’t find the windows of opportunities, they were covered by shutters
Snakes came with friendly covers
Controversy delayed my bread and butter
My honesty, my honor, my pride and confidence dumped in the gutters
How did I become this blessed forever?
I always knew I was the best, others may shine brighter at some point, but when their light goes dim, my light shines on
My light is not fueled by earthly energy, my inspiration does not come from weed and Hennessy
Man can never bring the end of me
God and I have formed a synergy
Trails and tribulations are nothing but a memory
I know what I am meant to be
I know who I am, I know My Purpose, I know my destiny
My passion and My ambition can’t be stopped
I know what I came for, I know my worth
These are not rhymes or lyrics, this is not poetry
This is my truth
This is to help you become a better you
Put in the best way I can to inspire you
This is how I became successful
This is A-Q.

Pre-Order Now

Support this album with whatever you feel it’s worth, the album would be sent to you via email on the release date.

Contact hustleinkent@gmail.com for further inquiries.


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